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This is a place where I put up a random mix of things that I like, things that I think you might enjoy. Who knows what you'll find here.

What happens when there is more than one earth?

It looks as though scientists have found a star with saturn sized planets both chilling inside the Goldilocks zone... what does the mean for the possible life that my be dwelling there?

If you don't know by now, I love space.

I was hurrying to my train the other day, and finding it arriving just in time I slipped on amidst a throng of commuters. It was only after having gone several stations, and having caught the eye of a rather pretty woman, that I realized I was heading in the wrong direction. Somewhat embarrassed I exited the train and found myself at Platz de Luftbrüke, a station I was not wholly unfamiliar with. However in my state I was struck by the symmetry of my surroundings and thus snapped the above photo just as my real train was pulling into the station. (that's it on the right)


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